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Booking hub is a dedicated online luxury travel booking site that gives you exclusive access to unbeatable deals for high-end travel. Create your very own customized luxury travel package, tailor made just for you, at the click of a button, so you can get to where you want to be in next to no time.


Globanese is a new initiative aimed to bring all Lebanese from all generations together to connect to their roots. Globanese is a social and business network; if you are originally Lebanese, or married to a Lebanese, or a Lebanese living abroad, and you would like to connect to fellow Lebanese around the globe, Yalla register now! And join the most exclusive lebanese social network.


Social media network to connect Arabs around the world! GlobArab is a place for you to share your interests, news and updates with all your friends. Select your “Community” and discover others around you. Join groups and events that are relevant to your interests.. GlobArab is your gateway to connect with your friends and family and to make new friendships around the globe!

Virtuous Medical Tourism

At VMT (Virtuous Medical Tourism) we provide a list of reputable healthcare providers in all medical fields (medical, cosmetic, dentist, dietician, dermatologist, cardiologist and many more) located both in your area and abroad who offer advanced and state-of-the-art treatment for your specific medical condition. By using our website, patients can search for and select a doctor and medical facility of interest. check their insurance status, and for patients wishing to have treatment abroad, they can view travel packages through our list of special travel providers.

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