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Company Visit

This is where we conduct a company visit to observe the Clients environment and fully understand Clients requirements (On Request)

Initial Paper Screening

Once we have the details and thejob description from the Client, we do the initial search on our database and come up with a list of potential candidates that match our Clientsrequirements based on their resumes.

Face to face Interview

After the paper screening and assessment, we then invite the candidates for a face-to-face interview to further assess their qualifications based on the Clients requirements.

CV Formatting

Once we come up with the final shortlist of candidates, we then create a profile for each of them with a summary of their resume including theconsultants assessment to help Clients in choosing the right candidate for theirorganization.

 Background check and references:

We conduct a thorough background check throughout the interview stages to make sure the employer time and our time’s not wasted.

 Client Endorsement

This is where we present shortlisted candidates to our Clients.
We also assist Clients in scheduling interviews to ensure smooth
Recruitment process.

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