On behalf of our Client, We are searching for C++ Developer

Position description
• Location: Berlin, Germany
• Position: full-time, no remote or freelancer work
• Number of vacancies: 5-10 employees
• Salary: 75 000-120 000 € gross per year, after the 1st year – 120 000 € guaranteed
• Team size: 20 developers reporting directly to CTO
• Sourcing locations for candidates: everywhere in the world. We will support with the relocation and
work permit if needed

Job requirements
• Language: fluent English is mandatory, German is a plus
• Working experience: any
• Education: EU citizens/residence holders – any; others have to have a University degree (starting
from Bachelor) so we can sponsor the work permit
We accept different profiles for C++ developer position, disregarding the former specialization and years of
experience. For Our Client , it is more important to evaluate the programming abilities rather than a nice
resume and past projects. As all our recruitment steps are task-based, the selection of the candidates based
only on the results demonstrated during the tests.
• As a first stage, all candidates have to do a programming test to show their C++ abilities. The test
can be completed anytime, there is no deadline. Applicant will receive a link to the programming
test, which usually shouldn’t take more than 3-4 hours to complete. We still provide a timeframe of
9 hours to submit the solution, so that candidate has some flexibility.
• The idea of the programming test and later tasks during on-site or telephone interviews is to find
an elegant solution for a real-life problem our developers have experienced (and solved) in the past
and to implement that solution in C++. It may have many solutions, not only one.

• These tasks focus on algorithmic aspects and do not require any specific knowledge about any
technology or subtleties of C++. A good solution has to be correct and, importantly, should be short,
elegant and easy to understand.
• All relevant information concerning the test itself or the technical equipment needed to solve it, will
be communicated on the recruiting website and/or within the test itself.
• There is an automated response if the candidates passed/failed the test after the solution
submission. As a recruiter, you will receive an email stating candidates results
• The next stage is a telephone interview, where the candidate gets another problem/s to solve.
• If the candidate passes the telephone interview stage, we will invite him/her for a face-to-face
interview at think-cell; all travel costs will be covered by us.
• We will decide if we would like to hire the candidate shortly after the interview and will inform both
the candidate and you via email.
• As we have a lot of applicants and use the same problems for everyone, it is important that you let
candidates know, that we cannot provide personalized feedback in regards to the outcome of the
test/interviews if they didn’t pass it. We simply thank and let them know if he/she passed or not.
• The reason we cannot provide applicants with feedback specific to their solution is that if we shared
detailed information about how we evaluate them, this might result in an advantage for any future
applicants. We believe that it is vital for all candidates interested in joining our team to have equal
• You will be automatically copied in all official emails to candidates (except the one where we make
a job offer, which our CEO prefers to send himself).

About the company
The company was established in 2002 and now has over 40 employees from 17 countries. think-cell is the
leading data visualization software for business presentations. Our challenge is to offer the most intuitive
user interface for generating complex data-driven charts and slides, while at the same time ensuring
consistency, accuracy and seamless integration with Microsoft Office. We save time for our customers by
automating many tasks for them, like chart labeling or slide layout. More than 750,000 users worldwide
(such as American Express, Coca-Cola, Deloitte Consulting, Ernst & Young, Google, Hewlett-Packard, Nokia,
Porsche Consulting, etc.) rely on our software for their daily business.
We work on challenging visualization problems, reverse engineering of Microsoft’s code, and reinventing
the user interface. And we do this all based on our own pioneering C++ library, which we have the liberty
to perfect along with the rest of our code. think-cell is the only German company funding a C++ ISO
committee delegation, so there is a good chance that components we invent will find their way into the
think-cell is a kind of company developers truly like. In fact, of our now 20 full-time developers, in 17 years
of think-cell, only two ever quit their jobs. We are highly profitable, so we can give you the time and
resources to write beautiful code. There are no meetings. All management (the two co-founders) are
computer science PhDs, so no demands from people who do not understand the trade.

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Job Overview
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