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About Us - Beyh Resourcing

We are an established, global recruitment and executive search firm, offering a flexible and innovative approach to providing companies access to the best talent.
We connect employers to rare, untapped talent in technology, through vast connections and undiscovered markets.
Whether you are looking for contract work or a permanent role, we have opportunities in the newest, most promising, in demand jobs to suit your skills.

At Beyh Resourcing we take the time to listen to our clients to understand their brand, culture and business needs, in order to recruit candidates who are perfectly aligned with their positions and ethos. Our markets are worldwide and we specialise in remote working, making our services more flexible and creating a larger talent pool to ensure the perfect match.
We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing more opportunities for women in tech and our ongoing commitment to ensuring workplace diversity.

Our Specialism

Information Technology

“The chip has transformed us at least as pervasively as the internal-combustion engine or electric motor”. (Fortune, 8 June 1988, pp. 86–7).

IT has a direct impact on our daily life, and thus a direct impact on the economy. It is the future and we want you to be a part of it. We have partnerships with leading organisations and brands across the world who are looking for exceptional talent in the IT space.

Covering a vast area, from digital transformation to cloud infrastructure to data analytics and software engineering, we connect the best digital and technology specialists to the jobs they were meant for.

If you are an expert in IT and Digital technology, our clients are waiting. Contact us and / or upload your resume on our job seekers page. We are especially looking for female technology experts and have a commitment to increasing the flexible opportunities available for women with the right skills.

Cyber Security

No organisation is immune to the threat of a cyber-attack, as technology becomes more and more integral to all business. As a result, the cyber security industry is growing at a significant rate as the threats become more superior and businesses are in need of skilled professionals to protect against intrusions.

Our clients are looking to fill a broad scope of roles from executive positions, to technical architects, to security technicians to penetration testers. If you are a cyber expert, our clients are waiting. Contact us and / or upload your resume on our job seekers page.

Marketing, PR & Social Media

Marketing, PR and social media come hand in hand when it comes to promoting and driving a business forward. Building the right marketing team is critical to any business, large or small, and we work with employers to make sure every aspect of their marketing strategy is covered, by providing them with appropriate talent.
If you have skills in social media engagement, social media trends, digital technology, digital marketing strategies or content writing, our clients are waiting. Contact us and / or upload your resume on our job seekers page.

Business Administration

Working tirelessly behind the scenes, skilled administrators are what makes a business succeed. Without the professionals who put processes in place to manage the company’s resources, time and people, there is no foundation on which to build a successful business.
If you are highly organised, skilled at managing processes and people and meticulous in approach, our clients are waiting. Contact us and / or upload your resume on our job seekers page.

Finance and Auditing

Profit and loss, balance sheets, liabilities, cash flow. If you are a finance professional you’ll know these terms and you’ll be experienced in working under pressure to ensure company finances are running smoothly, in balance and turning a profit.
We recruit for a variety of positions in finance and are looking for people who have experience handling budgets, managing projections and forecasting, with excellent attention to detail. If this is you, our clients are waiting. Contact us and / or upload your resume on our job seekers page.

Business Intelligence

Data is key in understanding business trends, business performance and minimising risk. Business intelligence leverages data in order to make decisions on factors like production, to improve revenue, increase productivity and reduce waste.

Our clients need professionals in all areas of business intelligence from data analysts to executive decision makers. If you have experience in this area, Contact us and / or upload your resume on our job seekers page.

Our Mission


Samer Beyh

Our goal is to find the perfect job for you and make connections between employers and candidates as smooth as possible.

Our partnerships are worldwide, in a variety of industries with employers offering contract work, remote opportunities and permanent positions.

In addition to our success in placing the best talent, we are proud of our strong emphasis and impressive record in driving women in technology and diversity in the workplace agendas.
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